We realize these are trying times for everyone, so we hope these troubleshooting ideas will help keep your hearing aids working. If the hearing aid is weak: RIC and BTE aids – make sure there is no wax or debris covering the opening of the dome or earmold.  Wipe off with a clean dry cloth….

Maximizing the benefit of hearing aids requires more than placing the programmed hearing aid in an ear and asking, “how does this sound?” Hearing aids are not “one size fits all” and, therefore, take time and effort to reach the point where the patient is receiving the benefit they require due to the degree of their hearing loss….

One major hurdle to getting a hearing impaired individual to consistently wear their hearing aids is convincing them the “hassle” of wearing the aids is worth the benefit they receive from them. In 2001, a small medical device company located in California began clinical trials with the first 100% invisible extended wear device that has…

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