Lyric Hearing Aids

90% of Lyric users report that Lyric’s sound quality is more natural than their prior traditional hearing aid.
BENEFITS: 100% INVISIBLE No one will know why you’re hearing better except you.

Siemens Aquaris

The WORLD’S ONLY 100% Waterproof Hearing Aid

Starkey Hearing Aids

Explore the options of wireless and digital hearing aids. Hearing Aids made to work directly with your iPhone and other devices.

Phonak Hearing Aids

State of the art hearing aids that are developed to suit your lifestyle and hearing needs. Choose from a wide selection of colors and styles.

Widex Hearing Aids

UNIQUE is designed to provide you with a fuller, richer soundscapes.  It softens unwanted noise and unexpected sounds and focuses on the voices you want to hear.

Benefits of Purchasing through and Audiologist vs. On-Line Shopping
…Service, Service, Service!

Making the decision to try hearing aids involves more than just the initial purchase. It involves the knowledge of a licensed and certified audiologist to guide the patient with choosing the most appropriate device. Once the device is purchased, it is then necessary to have it properly programmed according to the patient’s hearing loss. After wearing the hearing aids in everyday environments, the patient can then let the audiologist make needed adjustments in order to get the maximum benefit from the aids. The service required after the initial purchase is not something that the on-line retailer can provide.

On-Line Shopping

Initial Purchase:
  • Hearing Aids
  • Additional Fees to have hearing aids adjusted
  • Shipping costs for repairs

Licensed, Certified Audiologists

Initial Purchase which Includes:
  • Complete initial audiological evaluation
  • Free adjustments made during the trial period
  • Counseling on hearing aid use
  • Free follow up appointments for any additional adjustment needed during the 1-2year warranty period
  • Same day in-house repairs during the warranty period with no additional cost
  • Rapport established with a professional who puts your hearing heath care needs first

Link to Article from FDA