We realize these are trying times for everyone, so we hope these troubleshooting ideas will help keep your hearing aids working.

If the hearing aid is weak:

RIC and BTE aids – make sure there is no wax or debris covering the opening of the dome or earmold.  Wipe off with a clean dry cloth.

All types of aids – change the wax filter. Even if the filter appears to be clean, it only takes a small amount of wax or debris to clog the filter

  • With a soft brush, brush off the microphone opening
  • If you have a volume control, make sure the aid has not accidentally been turned   down


If the hearing aid is dead:

Change the battery.  If this does not work, try a battery from a different pack. It is rare to have an entire pack of bad batteries, but it can happen.

Make sure the battery is inserted correctly and the battery door is completely closed.

If this does not resolve the problem, go through the steps for a weak hearing aid.

If the hearing aid squeals or whistles (feedback):

If you have a volume control, make sure the hearing aid is not turned up too high.

Be sure the hearing aid is inserted properly into the ear.

Check to see if anything is covering the microphone, such as a hat, scarf or glasses.

If your rechargeable aids are not charging correctly:

Make sure the charger is plugged directly into the outlet and not into an extension cord. 

If the hearing aids lose connectivity to your cell phone:

Restart the hearing aids – open and close the battery doors. For rechargeable aids,   put them in the charger for a few seconds then remove them.

Make sure the Bluetooth on the phone is turned on.

Manufacturers also have online means for troubleshooting problems.  Many have YouTube videos that can walk you through problems. Many also have suggestions on their websites.

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